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2021 Album by Domino (Audio CD-R + Downloadable)


One of the most influential and Iconic Girls of Eurobeat, also named in Japan The Queen of Eurobeat!
She’s back with this fabulous new album after years.
“2021” brings listeners to the sound of the world of Domino.
The production is fresh and the sound quality crystal clear with a strong resonate bass, vibrant and full vocals.
In this Album you can also enjoy Domino’s old big hits in a brand new outfit!
Dave Rodgers Music brings you one of the best 2021 CDs and Digital download Album!
Enjoy and Stay Eurobeat!
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  1. 2021.
  2. Tora Tora Tora 2020.  
  3. Another Day – Dave & Domino.  
  4. Ichi Ni San Shi Go. 
  5. Hallo Hallo Halloween.  
  6. I Love You Like You Are – Dave & Domino. 
  7. Game Is Over.
  8. Never Gonna Give You Up – Dave & Domino.  
  9. Top Of The Worlds.  
  10. Domination.  
  11. King & Queen – Dave & Domino.  
  12. I Wanna Dance 2020.  
  13. Queen of Eurobeat. 
  14. Rickrolling. 
  15. Nori Nori Nori.  
  16. Crazy Little Love – Japanese Version.  





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