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Deja Vu by Dave Rodgers (Audio CD + Downloadable)


After 22 years something strange happens, a song by Dave written in 1997, Deja Vu goes viral and Dave decides, thanks to the countless requests and thanks to the support of his fans to make a cover along with other of the best songs he has made in the past.

Here you have the best selection of Dave on a CD with some fresh new tracks like Initial D Hell and Spitfire.

This album was printed in 500 copies limited edition and is now only available in digital download version.

Audio CD + Downloadable

Released December 12, 2019
All rights Reserved

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  1. Beat of The Rising Sun
  2. Spitfire
  3. Space Boy
  4. Music For The People
  5. Kingdom Come
  6. In The Eye of The Tiger
  7. Gas Gas Gas
  8. Initial D Hell
  9. Space Rocket
  10. Seventies
  11. Soul Gasoline
  12. Running in the 90’s
  13. Deja Vu – 2019





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Dimensions 10 × 10 cm

Cd audio, Digital Download

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