Emotional Fire by Kaioh - The Album (Digital Audio) - Dave Rodgers Music

Emotional Fire by Kaioh – The Album (Digital Audio)


High Quality WAVE Form
(music download)
Released January 21, 2021
All Rights reserved
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  1. Emotional Fire.
  2. Burning Desire.
  3. Case Closed.
  4. Kaioh feat. Dave Rodgers – Music for the People.
  5. Kaioh feat. Dave Rodgers – In the Eye of the Tiger 2021.
  6. The Perfect Race.
  7. Boom Boom Japan.
  8. Disco Fire.
  9. Perfect Smile.
  10. Deja Vu by Kaioh.
  11. Emotional Fire Instrumental Version.
  12. The Perfect Race Instrumental Version.
  13. Burning Desire Instrumental Version.



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