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Initial Day Dream by Dave Rodgers (Vinyl)


Initial Daydream Vinyl 180gr.




Initial Day Dream, a brand new 180 gr. vinyl with a lyric folder included by Dave Rodgers, will be released on October 19th 2022. You will find brand new energetic tracks inside, so get ready to hear them!
Initial Day Dream is a concept album dedicated to all the lovers of Initial D. While listening to it you can get all the energy made for you! The juice is made by Kaioh’s dad and Dave Rodgers’ son, with the intent of kick your ass!



A Side
1. Initial Day Dream  Extended Version (4:46)
2. AE 86  Extended Version (4:36)
3. Wheels of Steel  Extended Version (4:33)
4. The Top  Extended Version (4:39)
5. Don’t Stop the Music  Vinyl Version (3:20)

AA Side
1. MF Ghost  Extended Version (4:50)
2. Back to the City   Extended Version (5:23)
3. Burning Desire 2022   Extended Version (5:37)
4. Be Shine   Extended Version (6:31)

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