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Like A Fire by Aleph – Album (Digital Audio)


Five years ago (in 2017), after decades of silence, Aleph came back with new remixes of his 80s megahits “Fly To Me” and “Fire On The Moon”. Since then, there have been some new Aleph tracks produced and released. Now it’s been time to compile the “new era of Aleph” into a new album.
“Like A Fire” album contains four fresh remixes from the 80s hits and four new songs from recent years, plus 4 Instrumentals versions! Grab your copy of the new Aleph album and feel the FIRE!




  1. Fight For Your Love – Ext Version
  2. Fly To Me – Italo Connection 2022 Remastered
  3. Dance With Me – 2021 Version
  4. Little Wonder – 2022 Remastered
  5. Like A Fire – Extended Version
  6. Doctor – 2021 Version
  7. I’m On Fire – 2022 Remastered
  8. Fire On the Moon – Under the moon Version 2022 Remastered
  9. Fight For Your Love – Instrumental Version
  10. Dance With Me – Instrumental Version
  11. Like A Fire – Instrumental Version
  12. Doctor – Instrumental 2021 Version



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