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Deja Vu Gold Edition by Dave Rodgers (Audio CD + Downloadable)


Thank you all for purchasing the CD Deja Vu Album!
A great achievement to have sold 500 copies with our independent distribution!
Now, to celebrate this album, we will print a new Album Gold Edition, with a 16-page booklet, all the information about the songs, all the lyrics, some curious photos and 3 other extra songs!

The Deja Vu Gold Edition album will be released on August 17, 2021.
Worldwide shipping with tracking number within 2/3 weeks.Includes digital pre-order of Deja Vu Gold Edition. The moment the album is released you’ll get all high-quality tracks download in WAVE format.


Released: August 17, 2021
All Rights reserved
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  1. Beat Of The Rising Sun 2020
  2. Spitfire
  3. Space Boy 2020
  4. Music For The People 2020 Radio Version
  5. Kingdom Come
  6. In The Eye Of The Tiger
  7. Gas Gas Gas
  8. Initial D Hell
  9. Space Rocket
  10. Seventies 2020
  11. Soul Gasoline Radio Version
  12. Running In The 90’s
  13. Deja Vu 2019
  14. The Race Is Over 2020 Radio Version
  15. Kingdom Of Rock 2020 Radio Version
  16. Take Me Higher 2020 Radio Version



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